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We believe we're a lot like you. We know time is precious. We want businesses and services to be transparent. We think things should be simple and intuitive, especially user experiences. And we only want to invest our resources in applications that are reliable, secure, and make our lives easier.

You can trust Image Relay

Tested and Trusted

Since 2002, Image Relay has grown organically because of our passion for what we do and our true dedication to our clients. Our customers from our very first year in business still rely on us to this day. That makes us proud. We've built a business that has succeeded because of the value that we deliver. That also makes us proud. And the fact that some of the world's most recognized and respected brands rely on us? Well, you can guess how that makes us feel.

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Leadership Team

Buffy Miller

Chief Technology Officer

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  • Loves: Husband, kids, coffee, and mornings
  • Outdoor Adventures: Campfires, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding, anything on the water
  • Struggles: Sitting still, and staying up late

Skye Chalmers


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  • Loves: Family, challenges, big and small, and remote wilderness
  • Outdoor Adventures: Running, snowsports of all kind, MTB, fly fishing
  • Struggles: Lying on a beach and long meetings.

Max MacDonald

Director of User Experience

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  • Loves: Family and dog
  • Outdoor Adventures: MTB, hiking, ball sports of any kind and anything in the snow.
  • Struggles: Focusing on one home project at a time.
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Image Relay is proud to be a Certified B Corp!

Image Relay is a proud B-Corporation

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We just don't believe that technology has to be cold and weird.
Aren't we all people?

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