"Image Relay allows our company to keep our digital assets extremely organized in a central location that can be accessed by all of our customers across the world. It's easy to use, easy to understand, and is the best solution out there for Digital Asset Management. Period."

"After considering 15-20 different DAM services, I'm so happy I found Image Relay. And the best thing is that all of our employees easily can start using it with a minimal need for training."

Higher Education

College and university Art Directors and Communications Managers can use Image Relay to create an easily sharable portal of approved images for the rest of the administration to use. This saves time, cuts down on image requests, and ensures that everyone is pulling from approved images. You can even allow staff to self serve!

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Events, sponsors, supporters, and board members are at the heart of many nonprofits. Create a Keyword Set of important names and partners so they’re always spelled correctly throughout the library and will auto-fill on search for ease of use. This is your controlled vocabulary.

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Image Relay is indispensable to our clients who work in manufacturing. Why? Because manufacturers are constantly wrestling with hundreds of products and often need custom fields associated with each image, such as SKU, copyright, product ID, and more. Additionally, the information and images associated with each product often need to dovetail into technical manuals, video, customer collateral and other materials. With Image Relay, Product Managers, Production Managers, and other key members of your team can create profiles for the types of files uploaded (Product, Manual, Video) with different fields associated with each file type.

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Health Care

No matter what industry you’re in, controlling access by permission level is important. But, in the health care field, it’s absolutely crucial. You can create unlimited permission levels in a spectrum from Basic (view only access), all the way up to a Master User who controls the logo and branding of the library itself. Granular access to view, request or download files and at what resolution, offer administrators the chance to create varied roles, then grant access to select folders.

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Sports, Fashion, Retail

You’re a busy owner or distributor with a team of reps in the field and dealers who need to self-serve images for their websites. Create and share embeddable image URLs - you can even specify the color format, file type, and dimension. These URLs can populate your consumer site, your internal inventory and ordering site, and your e-commerce platforms at the same time. Update images worldwide across multiple channels with just two clicks - do it at the file or folder level, or systematically through our API. Easy.

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Marketing departments of multinational technology companies need a central, online space to house all logos, fonts, brand guidelines and campaign assets. Visual search and full-indexing of all documents and metadata allow for quick retrieval that helps speed time to market.

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Food & Beverage

Your distributors are always hungry (or thirsty) for high resolution assets for promotional printing and banners. Or maybe they need web-ready logos and images for their site. Allow them to create their own account at a permission level of your choosing, and the account will auto approve. The end users can search and download from approved folders at will—and here’s the important part—with zero intervention or response needed from your marketing manager.

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Tourism & Government

Whether you’re undergoing a rebrand or leading the area in information governance, tourism bureaus and state organizations use Image Relay to ensure that the latest and highest resolution imagery is available to those who need it. You can add unlimited numbers of users to your account, then create granular permission levels and name them according to your particular business needs; Press, Photo Assistant, Campaign Manager, or Site Administrator for example. All plan levels have access to unlimited account creation.

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