Digital asset management.

Everyone is creating content, all of the time. But where do you store it? And how do you find it? And what’s the best way to share it? Digital asset management (DAM) is the answer—the secure storage, retrieval, and sharing of production files. DAM helps you save time and money.

Digital asset management.
Asset Profiles

It’s not enough to just have files in a system anymore.

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Create templates for your different assets.

Different files may have different requirements for use or need different fields to describe them. Custom metadata templates capture every file’s unique details, according to campaign, product type, or format.

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Promote consistency across the library with controlled vocabulary.

Creating groups of high-value words (a “controlled vocabulary”) that come from your business practice ensures consistency across the library and accelerates time to market.

  • Freeform natural language may be added anytime, in bulk or individually.
  • IPTC embedded metadata is fully searchable and can be mapped and surfaced upon upload.

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Add tags to build a more searchable index.

Tagging connects files across your library in a dynamic way. Keywording highlights elements of a file or its purpose, using natural language or a defined set of controlled vocabulary.

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Utilize versioning to preserve the history of asset updates.

Ever wish you could time travel and see an earlier version of an asset? Versioning enables you to do just that. View and download (and even revert to) previous versions of assets in your library.

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Sometimes files have to live in many places, and that's okay.

This is guaranteed to save you time: with single sourcing, when you make changes to a file that appears multiple times in your library, it updates every single copy of that file.

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Catalog all your assets with easy folder structures.

We’ve augmented the all-important folder structure in your library with visual search.


Easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

We put the data you collected to work with powerful search and refinements for quick and painless results.

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