Designed with your brand in mind.

We’re a digital liaison between your company and your most valued clients, which is why we designed our application to be elegant, intuitive, and responsive to the needs of each user.

Good design makes the complex simple.

Access Image Relay everywhere.

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You don't need to download an app for each device. It just works. Across all platforms.

Browse with custom folder thumbnails.


A visual experience helps showcase your brand and makes browsing and organizing your files and folders more efficient.

Store any file.


If the file can live on your computer, then it can live in Image Relay. All formats, all sizes, in any quantity.

Organize your files in 10 folders or 1,000.


Flexible architecture accommodates any organization methods. Copy and move files with ease and upload entire folder directories at once.

Find anything, anytime.


Perform bulk actions with ease.


You can select and take action on any file, any folder, anywhere in your library.

Workzone allows admins to add metadata and perform bulk actions across the entire library.
Share your content with your colleagues, or the world.
Download entire folders with one click.

Enjoy full-screen previews.


Watch your videos, listen to your audio, and look at all your images with full-screen previews.

View your PDFs, PowerPoints, Word docs, and more without ever leaving the browser.

View and manage asset metadata.


The detail view of each asset showcases all relevant metadata.

View and manage metadata right from one screen.
Access file attachments easily and download them right from the detail view.

Curate, collaborate, and communicate.


Collections allow you to efficiently organize, collaborate on, and present your brand's most valuable assets.

Share content with colleagues or clients.

Share files in any number of ways from one persistent modal.

Upload your content.

Browser upload is quick and easy across all devices.
Upload links are a great way to source content from your agencies, vendors, and partners.

The Desktop Uploader App can upload gigabytes of data in one session. If it’s ever interrupted, it auto-syncs to where it left off.

Set up a demo.

We promise it's informative, not hardball selling.