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Elevate Your Brand with Image Relay’s New PIM

In a rapidly evolving and increasingly volatile consumer market, your brand must be nimble and agile to stay ahead of the game. Consumers expect more than ever and can buy from nearly unlimited places, so your brand must be able to show up (and look good) at the right places and at the right time, every time. That’s why we’re launching our new Product Information Management (PIM) platform. The Image Relay PIM gives your brand one easy platform to manage all of your brand’s product content and information and deliver it quickly and accurately everywhere your customers buy. 

If content is king, it’s how a company manages and delivers that content that can be the difference between winning and retaining or losing customers. There are many potential pitfalls and challenges when setting up a new product, perhaps it’s a nutritional update that slips through the cracks and isn’t translated to the retailer, or the wrong color asset is shared accidentally, or it just takes too long for your team to assemble the many details needed for an e-commerce partner. These are very human errors that can lead to increased time and costs, and ultimately missed sales and opportunities. Winning today is all about delivering, and that’s why we built our PIM platform. 

With the expansion of Image Relays capabilities into Product Information Management, we are now able to help facilitate the distribution of brand assets and product information to enable faster connections and retail setup. This allows for your team to get your products set up quickly, make important changes in moments, and deliver more sales. That’s working smarter, not harder. 

How Image Relay’s NEW PIM Can Change How You Work

With Image Relay’s PIM at your fingertips, take your brand from working slowly and with increased risk of information error to delivering reliably and nimbly every single time. Learn about some of the benefits of our PIM, below, and how it will help your brand. 

Centralize:  Keep Your Product Content and Information Organized in One Central Hub


Product content and information living in different systems means loads of manual work and lots of potential mistakes. That slows your team down and your customers may not always see your brand at its best. Image Relay’s PIM combines the highest-rated digital asset management platform with an easy way to manage all of your product information. Put your team in the driver’s seat to effectively manage your content and information. 

  • A single source of truth through intuitive Digital Asset Management
  • User roles with custom permission levels
  • Easy self-service content access for your teams and partners

Validate:  Ensure Correct Content and Information for Every Channel


Amazon has specific requirements. So does Shopify . . . and Google . . . and Walmart. All of your retailers want something a little different. Your team probably has dozens of custom spreadsheet templates to try and keep it all correct. Image Relay PIM automatically structures your content and information for your most important channels. Your team can stop wrangling files and spreadsheets and can focus on the work they do best.

  • Multiple attributes per product with unlimited variations 
  • Tracking to view progress of data to completion
  • Advanced filtering to find the information you need 

Deliver:  Enable Omnichannel Delivery for Our Omnichannel World


Manually distributing product content and information to each channel means you’re moving slow. When you’re slow, your competition can take what should be yours. With Image Relay PXM, getting the right product content and information to all your channels is just a click away. When you deliver fast you’re always out front when your customers want to buy. 

  • API for custom integrations, enabling you to get your content where you need it
  • Quick export to CSV, including templates for easy import to Amazon and Shopify
  • Customizable product catalogs for sales teams and partners

Accelerate:  Streamline Workflows with Comprehensive Bulk Actions


Your team may be used to tedious, manual updates, but that doesn’t mean they have to keep doing it. It’s the 21st Century. We can do better than that. Image Relay PXM lets your team move fast with bulk actions to manage your entire content and product information library. Add new versions and make product information updates once and have them reflected everywhere.

  • Bulk product editing to quickly change multiple product attributes
  • Group imports to put an end to individual product uploads
  • Export image URLs to live versions of up-to-date product content 

Who Needs a PIM?

The People Who Benefit

Onboarding a PIM to manage and deliver your brand’s content and information is just one way that teams can accelerate their abilities. But, which teams need a PIM the most? If any of these ring a bell, you probably need a PIM:

  • Marketing teams who want to provide a consistent brand experience for customers. 
  • Sales teams who need tools to get the right content and information in the hands of retailers and partners. 
  • eCommerce teams who want to increase online sales.
  • Product Managers who want to ensure accuracy across the product lifecycle.
  • Customers who want a great buying experience and to trust the brand they are buying from. 

The Companies That Benefit 

Most companies selling products can benefit from using a Product Information Management platform. PIM is critical for those companies facing some of these common challenges:

  • Relying on manual processes to deliver product information and content
  • Managing a large number of SKUs
  • Selling products in multiple channels
  • Regularly launching new products
  • Has multiple teams requiring accurate, up-to-date information
That means companies working in areas like:
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Apparel
  • Food and Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Sporting Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • And many others!

For companies relying on a manual process to deliver product information and content and are challenged with bringing their products to market, our PIM can be a significant help across multiple teams and channels to help your business deliver. Help get your products to market fast, ensure your information is on point, and your brand’s materials are the most up to date at every single touch point. 

Learn How Image Relay’s PIM Can Elevate Your Brand

If your brand is working to deliver sales and grow your business, onboarding to a PIM is essential to give your teams the tools they need to accelerate their workflows and ensure the brand’s materials consistently and quickly get into the right hands. Not only does this increase efficiency and sales, but it also helps to protect your brand by eliminating human errors and ensuring product information is the most current and correct. So work smarter not harder and see how PIM can help elevate your brand by requesting a demo with someone on our team today.


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