Custom Portals

Simply upload your logo, choose your colors and launch! Enterprise client? Need additional brand portals? No problem. We can add customized portals to your account profile in seconds.

Share Content

Each user can create and manage their own collections of files to quickly share without having to grant a username and password. Simply create, share, and fine tune the resolution recipients should receive. Users can also share entire folders or direct links to download instantly.

Keyword Power

Advanced search provides full text search of your documents. Create custom keyword sets to control metadata vocabulary and for quick entry and autofill search. Extract and view IPTC information and custom build keyword field sets.

Granular Control

Customize permission levels to control which files users can view or download. Customize folder hierarchy, keyword sets, field titles, and legal terminology to suit your specific needs.

HTML5 Video

View videos on the fly. We convert your video files to HTML5 for quick preview and reference before you commit to downloading. The same goes for audio files too!

Full PDF and Document Preview and Search

Enjoy full document preview, and full-text search of your PDF, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files.

Upload Link

Send out unique upload links to receive files from creative vendors or customers. They can easily upload content to your selected folder and you will be notified upon receipt.

Scalable Storage

Storage is critical for growing businesses so we offer large terabyte bumps to scale and grow with your archive as needed. Start slow and grow with time. Don't worry, you won't outgrow us!

Desktop Uploader

Our desktop uploader allows you to batch upload entire folder structures all at once. Organize your files and folders on your computer and use the uploader to get it all up there in the cloud all at once.


We've designed our application to offer an efficient and intuitive user experience to minimize your support needs. But, for those moments when you need assistance, we offer direct support through email, chat, online help desk, and community FAQs.


Consolidating files from various FTP and file sharing sites to one securely managed archive is more efficient to manage and provides increased security and access controls. For detailed information please review our security policy.

Responsible and responsive.

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