What is Digital Asset Management? What does it all mean?

Nailing down an accepted definition for digital asset management is hard and getting harder.

Dan Devoe

New Features to Help Your Team

Think back to how your business operated fifteen years ago. In many ways it truly was a simpler time. There were fewer tools, fewer channels, just fewer things to worry about. Digital asset management was barely even a term.

Dan Devoe

How to Use Image Relay Collections

As part of our platform redesign we've updated our Collections features to make them easier, more powerful, and more beautiful.

Dan Devoe

Who relies on Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Which departments and roles need Digital Asset Management? The short answer is, "all of them".

James Fox

Sharing Opportunities

How Image Relay redesigned it's sharing functions to provide a better experience for users.

Matt Piwowarski

Versioning in Asset Management

Don't confuse versions with variations and other digital asset management versioning tips.

James Fox

Great Migrations: Moving to a new DAM

Migrating content is scary but proper planning can save the day.

Marianna Whitson

Horror in the Absence of DAM

The following are some of the DAM “horror stories” we've heard from clients. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent...

James Fox

Metadata In Digital Asset Management Demystified

Simply put, metadata is information about your information. But then it gets messier.

James Fox