Managing users.

With mobile and distributed workforces, multiple departments, and numerous vendors, administering access to your files is essential for security and workflow—and your peace of mind.

Easily onboard a team of 5 or 500.

Getting your team up and running shouldn't be a pain, so we give you lots of options.

Auto Register

Allows immediate access to a predefined selection of your files.

Single Sign-On

Simplifies identity and user management for the enterprise.

Bulk Add

Upload an Excel sheet containing new users’ information and you’re done!

Request Account

New users can request an account with detailed information for quick approval.

Provide the right access.

Gives your distributed teams more control over their respective files and users.


Stratified permissions provide more autonomy and customization for distributed teams.

Folder-level Access

Control folder access to determine precisely which files users can view or download.

Reports and Analytics

Analyze activity on users or assets through reports and audit trails.


Set expiration dates to coincide with license restrictions.


Require users to request or order select photos or videos.

Easy adoption for your team.

An intuitive platform drives high user adoption and minimizes time for launch, training, and support.

Set up a demo.

We promise it's informative, not hardball selling.