"Image Relay has completely streamlined the way we organize and share all of our content. It has made our photos and video content much more accountable, safe and powerful."

Photo of Lindsy Fortier

Lindsy Fortier
Creative Services Manager

"All our creative files and communication materials are readily accessible and highly organized with Image Relay. They deliver efficiency and speed for our communications department."

Photo of Laura DeCapua

Laura DeCapua
Photographic Specialist, Communications

Photo and Video Management by Image Relay

Our business was founded on managing visual assets, so we know there’s a better way. We’ve developed a suite of capabilities specifically designed for managing photos and video. Below are just a few of the features we offer that address the core challenges of dealing with libraries that are always expanding and always in demand.



Image Relay utilizes a combination of keyword tools to deliver a flexible yet governed process when navigating your archive. Keywords can easily be applied individually or in bulk, upon importing or retroactively.

Keyword Sets provides you with the ability to establish a controlled vocabulary. This guides users to pertinent keywords used in tagging and in search.

Freeform natural language may be added anytime in bulk or individually.

IPTC embedded metadata is fully searchable and can be mapped and surface upon upload.

Uploading Features

Uploading Features

Ingesting high volumes of large image and video files is a critical part of workflow. Image Relay provides several methods for upload to accommodate various environments and tasks.

Use the Image Relay uploader widget or SFTP to upload entire folder structures of photos and videos.

Receive notifications on any duplicate files uploaded.

Batch keyword upon upload.

Image relay supports WebDav protocol for a native desktop experience.

Share Upload Links for remote customers and content creators to quickly upload their files to a designated folder without granting any administrative access.

Have users agree to your Terms and Conditions of Use when uploading their files.



Your brand assets won’t matter unless you get them out there and make accessing them easy. Image Relay makes publishing a snap.

Share entire folders of photos and videos with a generated link.

Send individual files with quick links for immediate download.

Create embed links to files and folders and Image Relay will serve those images and videos direct to external websites.

Create and share distinct Collections of files to media, vendors, or your global sales team.

All sharing links reflect your branded portal.

Nimble digital asset management that you can trust.

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