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Learn how much your team can save through digital asset management with Image Relay.

Everyone feels the frustration of having a hard time finding a file they know exists, or worse, having to recreate something they’ve misplaced. To your business, these feelings are more than just annoying. They mean real costs from wasted time and lost productivity.

Use our ROI Calculator to help you understand what this means for your business and how much you can save with Image Relay.


Savings on search time.

Use this section to understand how much money gets wasted trying to find files. Most employees spend around 19% of their time searching for hard to find files. With Image Relay, that time can be cut in half.

Savings on asset fulfillment.

Use this section to calculate how much money goes to fulfillment requests. Most fulfillment requests take between 2 and 5 minutes. With Image Relay, these fulfillment requests can disappear through easy self-service for employees, partners, sales teams, and dealers.

Savings on asset duplication.

Use this section to understand how much it costs to duplicate assets your team can’t find or has misplaced.


Annual Savings on Search Time


Savings on Asset Fulfillment


Savings on Asset Duplication
Total annual savings with Image Relay:

Why DAM?

To learn more about how much your team can save with digital asset management from Image Relay, check out our comprehensive guide to the value of digital asset management.

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