Image Relay services.

Work with Image Relay's team of experienced librarians to solve your content chaos.

Whether you are starting out with digital asset management, need a system and process overhaul, or are looking for ongoing, collaborative guidance, our dedicated team is there to keep you on the right path.


Our process



Understanding where you are and where you want to go lets us create the path for your team's success.

What we do.

Conduct onsite or offsite workshops.

Analyze current assets to know what assets you have and where those assets live.

Interview stakeholders and provide surveys to understand challenges and desires.

Create a user map to detail your relationships and workflows.

Map systems to discover integration needs and opportunities.

Define goals and success metrics to ensure we measure what matters.

Create a DAM Blueprint, the guide on which to build your digital asset management experience.



We apply our analysis, a deep understanding of your goals, and best practices knowledge to build the foundation for your digital asset management success.

What we do.

Assemble a folder structure to keep your team organized.

Construct custom metadata templates for each type of asset.

Create a controlled vocabulary (your tags) to serve business goals.

Gather and assemble current assets in one location.

Migrate assets into Image Relay and apply metadata.

Generate user permissions to ensure the right people have the right access.

Establish workflow best practices for entire asset lifecycle.



The value of digital asset management comes with adoption. We partner with you to achieve complete and knowledgeable use across your organization.

What we do.

Invite users to the appropriate permission levels.

Announce the initiative with executive support.

Distribute customized education materials, including guides and videos.

Host training sessions for groups of users.

Plan additional webinars for deeper training.

Provide dedicated support throughout implementation and throughout our relationship.



We adapt and improve your processes as your needs change and your operations develop. We don't "set it and forget it."

What we do.

Measure progress against goals and success metrics.

Identify successes and new challenges.

Create new processes and systems improvements.

Implement corrective action as needed.

Set new goals for enhanced system use.

Provide transition support as key stakeholders change.


Make your digital asset management launch a success with Image Relay.

Your team are experts at creating and sharing amazing content. To them, a digital asset management initiative may seem complicated, disruptive, or even overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Our expert team manages the implementation process so your team can keep on creating. We’re here to help you do what you do best. We take care of the rest.

Some organizations choose to migrate from another digital asset management system and others suffer from digital asset mismanagement. That may mean assets spread across internal servers, mixed around Google Drive or Dropbox, or perhaps sitting on DVDs in a closet. We’ve seen it all. And we don’t judge.

No matter your starting point, we have the right implementation options to get your team moving in the right direction. We will recommend a level of implementation services based on your current digital asset management situation and set you up for long-term success.

Expert Implementation

For teams mainly focused on centralizing and organizing assets.

Advanced Implementation

For teams with more complex needs such as a large number of users or more robust asset distribution.

Enterprise Implementation

Our full service implementation package for Enterprise customers. Our experienced team handles implementation projects of any size and complexity.


Professional Services

With Image Relay on your team, no digital asset management challenge is too big.

Not all needs begin and end with moving to a new system. New challenges come up along the way and our team of experts is there to help. Image Relay’s Professional Services provide that pluggable member of your team for strategic projects or ongoing, collaborative guidance.

We apply our process to your unique needs to achieve success for process overhauls, system cleanups, changes in content direction, or regular digital asset management coaching.


Our Services Team

Our trained librarians are here when you need them and dedicated to your team’s success. We have the experience and know how to combine academic rigor with everyday practicality. We help you implement what works best whether you are a food company, a university, or a ski resort.