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One easy-to-use system to keep all of your content organized, easily accessible to your team and partners, and actually findable when searching, so you can quickly deliver it everywhere it needs to go.

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Rated #1

Chosen by users as the top tool for managing and delivering marketing content.


How Image Relay helps top brands move fast and look good. 


The intuitive way to manage all your content.

Content scattered across systems, constant file requests disrupting the day, and searches that just never seem to work . . . that’s the old way to manage content that leaves your team less productive and stressed.

Image Relay gives you one easy-to-use location so your team can get the content they need at exactly the right time. Your team can focus on creating and sharing amazing content, not wrangling it.

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Deliver product information and content everywhere. Fast.

Manually managing product information and content in dozens of spreadsheets is a guaranteed way to slow your team down and create lots of errors. Your brand and your business can suffer.

Image Relay’s PIM provides the single tool to manage product information and brand content so you can quickly deliver it to where your customers are. Ditch the spreadsheets and get to market faster.

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Connect with the tools your team uses every day.

With thousands of creative and marketing tools available, staying connected is more important than ever.

Image Relay’s integration marketplace and open API lets your team connect to their most important tools so nothing slows them down from doing their best work.

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Work Faster With Our Adobe Creative Cloud Extension

The seamless connection from Image Relay to Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign accelerates creative workflows and improves asset control.

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What some of our incredible customers think.

"Image Relay makes sharing our digital assets among our team, partners, and vendors and posting to social media quick, safe and easy. The price is great, the service superior, the programming responsive and . . . we simply could not enhance, nor build our farmers' brand without the team and the tools from Image Relay."
Roberta MacDonald
SVP Marketing for Cabot Cheese
"Image Relay allows our company to keep our digital assets extremely organized in a central location that can be accessed by all of our customers across the world. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, and is the best solution out there for Digital Asset Management. Period."
Ed Rock
Creative Marketing Manager for REMO
"You guys might as well be wearing capes, because you're heroes around here."
Sarah Badger
Global Content & Community Manager at Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc.

Image Relay is proud to be a certified B Corp!

We are part of a community of more than 4,000 companies across 150 industries and from 77 countries with one unifying goal: using our businesses as a force for good.

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