Meet Image Relay

Our Story

In 2002, Skye Chalmers was traveling the world as an action sports photographer, falling in love with telling stories through pictures, and shooting thousands of images. But in the pre-cloud digital landscape, relaying these images to clients through CDs and hard drives was proving to be a serious hurdle. He believed that if there was a fast and easy way to share his work online, it would be more valuable to him and his clients.

Since it didn’t exist yet—he created a new kind of software. He called it Image Relay

The word got out, and as others in need, from start-ups to globally recognized brands, learned what Image Relay was up to, interest spread quickly. Businesses loved the ability to get organized, stay connected, and grow faster. As our customers' digital storage and marketing needs evolved, Image Relay worked to meet them, staying ahead of the innovation curve while staying committed to being an attentive, flexible partner.

20 years later, Image Relay continues to innovate as a leader while staying true to our values. We’re proud to be among a growing community of B Corps that believe better business has the power to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. We champion these goals in our company policy and how we operate on a daily basis.

Made In Vermont.
Committed To Change.

We did not set out to be just another tech company. We don’t define success with one number. Success to us is measured in happy customers, happy employees, and a positive impact in our communities. That’s why in 2014 we became a certified B Corp and joined a growing community now consisting of more than 3,500 companies across the world committed to redefining success in business.

We don’t ask our employees to check their values at the door. We know that this job is just one part of their life, so Image Relay provides the compensation, benefits, and support for our team to do well and also do good.


The Journey

We have grown from a few customers in Vermont to hundreds of customers across six continents today. Now tens of thousands of marketers, brand managers, designers, photographers, sales people, retailers, and other creatives around the world use Image Relay every day.

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Our Core Values

Empathy drives our actions.

We honor different perspectives and experiences. This empathy is what shapes our interactions and influences how we build our product.

We celebrate contributions and accomplishments.

Everyone on our team adds to our success. We win together. We cheer the closing of deals, completion of big projects, and all the small actions behind those accomplishments.

We grow through action.

We want our team to learn and grow from our successes and our failures. If we have an idea we believe in, we act on it. 

We are human, and we talk like it.

We communicate with clarity and kindness, not jargon or sales pitches. We have all felt that confusion of not knowing what someone is talking about, and it sucks. Acronyms and buzzwords can function like inside jokes, and we don’t want to make anyone feel bad from being confused about a conversation.

We are committed to the long-term.

We want to drive value and build relationships for the long-term, not only short-term benefit. We won’t chase every new fad with our partnerships or our product development. Saying no is sometimes best.

We seek work-life harmony for our team and our customers.

We provide the benefits and flexibility to allow our employees to achieve personal and professional goals. Our product exists to make work lives easier and more efficient. We want our customers to get more done and be able to get out of the office sooner.

We are kind.

No one should leave an interaction and feel worse about themselves. This is our promise as a company.

We embrace the whole.

We don’t ask our team to check their values, personalities, or emotions at the door. We welcome all that our team members bring to their work.

We do good.

We are committed to doing no harm with how we build our product and how it is used. We dedicate time and resources to enhance the work of non-profit partners. We know we cannot do much alone, so we are active in communities small and large to grow impact.

Sound Like You'd Fit In?

We're always looking for committed and conscientious team members that support our values and our mission. If that sounds like you—explore our open positions.