What Does DAM Stand for, and What Does it Mean?

A Brief Explanation of DAM Software

While "DAM" can be an acronym for many things, in the world of marketing, DAM stands for "digital asset management." DAM platforms are commonly used in this industry, as well as in other fields in which people need to work with a large number of digital assets, including photos, graphics, videos, slide decks, AI files, and text documents. 

What Does DAM Mean in the Context of Marketing?

In the world of marketing, digital asset management (DAM) is about being able to store, locate, and share digital content related to a business and its products. A cloud DAM solution allows collaborators to access branded graphics and other visuals that they need from anywhere at any time.

However, one thing that a DAM platform doesn't usually handle well is product information, which is why many marketers need to use a separate platform for this aspect of their work. 

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