What Is PIM?

What Is Product Information Management Software?

One of the first questions that people new to retail or e-commerce marketing have is, "What does PIM stand for?" PIM stands for product information management, and it's a term that will come up quite often in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. Perhaps the simplest PIM definition is that it's the multifaceted process of managing, organizing, and distributing product information.

This process is best managed through a PIM platform, a uniquely designed platform created to handle the important product information needed to successfully bring a product to the intended market. To truly understand what PIM is and what it means in terms of marketing delivery, let's look at some of its most important aspects.

What Is PIM Used For?

PIM platforms are used to ensure that different departments and stakeholders all have access to the same, accurate product information. If one team creates or updates any product data, the PIM will automatically apply those changes for everyone accessing the data. By limiting all product information to a single source of truth, no department is ever working with incomplete or outdated information.
The types of information managed by a PIM platform can include:

  • Product names
  • Descriptions
  • Associated Images or Videos
  • SKUs and UPCs
  • Measurements and Weights
  • Materials/Ingredients
  • Prices
  • Place of Origin
  • And more...

What Are the Benefits of PIM?

Using a PIM platform is an effective and practical way of streamlining your product asset workflow from start to finish. Benefits include:

  • Reduced data entry time
  • Faster time to market
  • Fewer content errors
  • Brand consistency and protection
  • Improved customer experience

Why PIM Isn't Enough

As helpful as a PIM platform can be, it doesn’t usually come without its limitations. Many companies are forced to also use a digital asset management (DAM) platform in conjunction with a PIM platform to handle digital assets such as images, videos, and other marketing materials. We say “usually” because Image Relay has solved this issue with Marketing Delivery.

Marketing Delivery from Image Relay combines PIM and DAM platform capabilities into one comprehensive solution to manage all your assets and product info side by side. This fully integrated platform streamlines your team's efforts to help make the most of your products. Want to see the Marketing Delivery platform firsthand?

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