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Who relies on Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

James fox

Which departments and roles need Digital Asset Management? The short answer is, "all of them."

Sharing illustration

Sharing Opportunities

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Sharing files has grown in complexity over the years…. Businesses and organizations now require many different ways in which they can distribute and provide access to their brand content. Sharing is a constant throughout every aspect of business operations.

Versions and breadcrumbs

Versioning in Asset Management

Do you need versioning in your asset library? In what instances might it be useful? Does versioning result in a trail of helpful breadcrumbs, or a pile of stale bread?

Migrations 400x267 72 rgb

Great Migrations: Moving to a new DAM 

You can no longer manage your current worm hole of connected drives, or bank of servers in the basement. Plus, no one can connect and get access to images from outside the office. It is time to clean up, curate and migrate to a true digital asset manag...

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Horror in the Absence of DAM

During the process of discussing a new client’s DAM needs there is inevitably a parallel discussion of the systems (or non-systems!) they currently have in place. The following are some of the DAM “horror stories” we have heard from potential clients. ...

Haystack and needle

Metadata In Digital Asset Management Demystified

Without metadata, searching is not “needle in a haystack,” it is all haystack… The keywords you add, and the embedded information about the file, are the file’s metadata.

Organizing folders in digital archive

Organizing Folders In Your Media Library

Untitled folder Sitting there, staring at you. Waiting for you to start, to build a library. Where to begin?

File naming convention

File Naming Convention | Beyond Who, What, Where, When, Why

Why would you want to start a file naming convention? Creating a nomenclature for your assets can allow users to quickly see basic information about the file’s contents at a glance. And, when sending a file externally, it tells the recipient more about...

Dam resources

Digital Asset Management | It's About Time

Do you know the average number of searches carried out by creatives without a DAM plan before they find the images they need? What do you think costs more, a satellite mission to Pluto or the New England Patriots football payroll? (And yes, that recent...

Allen smith

Controlled Vocabulary: A Best Practice for Digital Asset Management

What types of assets will your users search for? What terms will they use to find them? Is there institutional slang you use or do you rely on product names and SKUs in your work? Creating groups of high value words that come from your business practic...

The value of dam

The Value of DAM

You and your team increasingly work with rich media assets. These should be sourced, selected and delivered through a simple interface, in accordance with your brand guidelines. With the exponential growth of visual content, Digital Asset Management is...