Collaboration grounded in a single source
of truth.

Meet Digital Proofing. Wave goodbye to endless email chains and say hello to the online collaboration workflow tool built to streamline your asset lifecycle. 

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Streamlined Teamwork

Ensure creative feedback and approvals are always readily available and visible to anyone looped into projects. Provide feedback directly to assets of any type; images, videos, PDFs, and more, without needing to rely on external platforms.

Digital Proofing allows for efficient collaboration and review. 


Assets All In One Place

By centralizing asset feedback and approvals in Image Relay, teams can work together seamlessly, whether they’re two desks over or two time zones away. This also means that there is always a clear and visible record of the review process, reducing the risk of miscommunication or missed feedback.

Team members can compare different versions of assets, view previous comments, and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. Assets are pulled from and saved to Image Relay’s digital asset management system.

Digital Proofing enhances project visibility and accuracy. 

Provide Detail Oriented Feedback

The Digital Proofing tool is purpose-built to make leaving critiques, comparing versions, and collaborating with internal teammates and external partners easy and efficient. The ability to add visual cues, tag other editors, and include timestamps makes calling attention to your critiques straightforward.

Digital Proofing creates an accelerated project approval process.

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Helping Our Customers Deliver!

"Image Relay has been so helpful in how we show up as a brand... I highly recommend Image Relay."

Allyson Bartlett Director of Brand & Marketing, 1% For The Planet

"It's night and day between Image Relay and other tools. Everyone who uses it loves it."

Sarah Badger Global Content & Community Manager, Ben & Jerry's

"Image Relay makes sharing our digital assets among our team, partners, and vendors quick, safe, and easy... We're never leaving."

Roberta MacDonald SVP Brand Strategy, Cabot Creamery

"We're confident that if retailers share what they can find on Image Relay from Darn Tough, we're going to be represented in our best light, and ultimately in theirs too."

Lance Pitcher Creative Marketing Manager, Darn Tough

"Using Image Relay takes the weight off my shoulders... It's quick and painless."

Lynsey Lehr Lead Graphic Designer, Dietz & Watson

“I love Image Relay because it is so simple to adapt or adopt,” Caleb says. “There aren't all the extra clicks that [make other platforms] difficult to navigate.” 

Caleb Brown Creative Director, Kinder's

"When you’re a small business, you need to find the levers that are able to move the most weight, and Image Relay is one of the most powerful levers we have.”

Rob Hausslein Founder, Sugar Bob's Finest Kind

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