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Image Relay Revolutionizes MegaFood's Digital Asset Management, Empowering Efficiency and Growth

The Challenge

  • Time consistently wasted searching and sharing assets
  • Rebrand creating a large amount of new content in addition to the need to manage existing assets
  • External partners unable to self-serve relevant assets

The Solution

  • Intuitive, platform with easy sharing options
  • Easily accessible and intuitive platform design 
  • Auto-updating share links means it's easy to send assets to external stakeholders without the link expiring

About Megafood

MegaFood is on a plant-powered mission to nourish the world through nutrient-rich vitamins and supplements. From immune-defense gummies to daily vitamins, their secret weapon is nature itself, and they advocate for better health by harnessing the best of what nature provides. In line with their B Corp values, they craft products through a unique process using real food from trusted farms who share their commitment to nurturing soil health through regenerative agriculture. Hands in the dirt, eyes on the future. 

Life Before Image Relay

With nearly a hundred different SKUs sold online and in retail stores around the country, MegaFood’s marketing and sales teams have a lot of digital assets and product information to manage. Unfortunately for creative operations manager Adrienne Juaire, the asset management system she inherited when she joined MegaFood was a chaotic Google Drive situation that was a black hole for productive work hours.


“It was a hot mess,” she says. The lack of metadata made it difficult to find and share assets, which meant that every external asset request took far longer than needed. Additionally, it was nearly impossible to keep brand assets up to date, or know if the most up to date versions were being shared. 

Megafood's Asset Library isn't just organized, it's a visually appealing and on-brand workspace for Megafood employees and external users.

The Waiting is the Hardest (and Costliest!) Part

Adrienne knew that systemic inefficiencies were costing her valuable time every day, and making it hard to do her best for her clients and partners. “When people are requesting files from me and having to wait, there’s a delay that slows down business.”

Those delays are not only frustrating, they’re costly. “If I can’t find what [my clients] need for an upcoming project quickly enough, we might miss out on a money-making opportunity. It’s a domino effect.” 

Every business knows that time is money. But time is also a measure of capacity, and Adrienne knew that time-draining asset hunts were sapping her ability to impact her team’s creative work. 

At MegaFood, Adrienne manages an ongoing effort to consolidate content creation in-house to quickly create everything from sell sheets to digital ads. To supercharge that process, and make the most of her team’s time and talents, she knew it was time to invest in a comprehensive DAM + PIM solution.

Building the Ideal Asset Library


After deciding on Image Relay, Adrienne worked with James, one of our amazing in-house digital librarians, to build the ideal asset library for MegaFood. She had two primary goals:

  • Save time by making it easier to find and share assets.
  • Empower external partners to find and download assets on their own.

James made the switch to Image Relay quick and easy. In fact, Adrienne found herself amazed at how smooth and seamless the transition was, and how quickly her new asset library was up and running. “We told James what our problems were, then he came up with solutions for us. It was very turnkey.”

Empower Independence & Strengthen Partnerships

“I really wanted to empower people to be able to go on the DAM system and find what they need,” Adrienne says. And Image Relay’s sharing capabilities were just what the doctor ordered. Now, instead of coming to her directly, external partners can log onto MegaFood’s asset library, find and download what they need in seconds, and go on with their day.

As Adrienne gets to know Image Relay’s full array of features better, she’s also beginning to use the DAM platform instead of WeTransfer for delivering larger bundles of assets. Before, Adrienne would have to find and download the needed assets, package them up, then send a WeTransfer link that expires if it’s not used quickly enough. “Now I just send them a link. It doesn’t expire. Everything is organized for them.”

But, what if you need to update assets even after they’ve been shared? No problem. Image Relay’s platform allows for real-time edits that don’t compromise the existing link, making it stress-free to update or accommodate last-minute changes. And there’s always a few, right?

"Everyone [at Megafood] was so amazed at how easy it was to use. You log on with SSO so you don’t even need to remember a password. Even if you don’t know the platform, the search function and metadata make it so simple.”  

Using PIM for an Easier Re-brand


With a rebrand and packaging updates on the horizon, Megafood is excited to begin maximizing the benefits of Image Relay’s Product Hub (product information management) capabilities. Consolidating DAM & PIM storage into one platform like Marketing Delivery makes life and business easier for brands who are looking to grow and stay flexible as they add new products and break into new markets.


Most beneficial will be the ability to imbed product information into existing digital assets, so that as images and packaging update, all the relevant product info remains constant and easy to access for each SKU, going wherever the accompanying assets go. Packaging updates are tricky endeavors. As a company transitions to a new look for its products, it needs the ability to have both old and new versions available for some time until the new packaging is fully integrated.


Adrienne believes that syncing product details with their accompanying assets from the DAM side and having all packaging info live in the PIM platform where all stakeholders can always find whatever version they currently need, will make for a far smoother transition as MegaFood’s new packaging makes its way into the marketplace. “That integration is going to be key for our rebrand.”

Single Source of Truth

The Product Hub also gives MegaFood a valuable, single source of truth for product information. With so many SKUs in their product line and an ongoing re-brand to boot, thousands of individual pieces of product information need to be managed. The trouble is that over time, product information naturally becomes outdated and inconsistent.


Without a reliable, consistent source of information, it’s hard to communicate equally well with all partners, especially for customer service teams on the front lines of client-facing communication. In the past, as MegaFood’s customer service team fielded calls from clients seeking product information, there was a scramble trying to track down the needed info, not to mention cross reference if it’s also the most up-to-date.


A lot of businesses, including MegaFood, have learned the hard way that sharing inaccurate info is not good for business. But now that all of MegaFood’s product info lives in their Product Hub, a real-time platform that’s openly accessible and transparent, their customer service team always has access to the most up-to-date information to share–no matter who’s asking. The result? Speedier communication, better overall business–and a way happier customer service team. 


The Power of Shared Values

Image Relay’s features and customer service have delivered exactly what Adrienne and her team needed, and Adrienne loves that she’s been able to partner with a fellow B Corp that shares MegaFood’s core values. B Corps are businesses who have made ongoing commitments to do business in a way that’s most beneficial for workers, communities, and the environment. When working together, B Corps have an immediate sense of excitement and synergy that comes with shared beliefs.

“B Corps pay a living wage and they value the rights of employees,” Adrienne says. “That’s really important to us. Knowing that the companies we work with meet those sustainable goals. It’s an added bonus.”

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