Digital Asset Collections

Curate, collaborate, and communicate—all in one.

Finally, the perfect way to gather all your assets for a particular project, presentation, or collaboration. Collections help you view, share, curate, and create.


  • Showcase your company’s brand assets
  • Present like a pro with customizable templates.
  • Presenting files is hard! Size, format, quantity, organization, subject, and purpose vary.
  • Arrange your files how you want to guide your audience with our customized themes.

Keep everyone up to date and in the loop.

Don’t leave your colleagues, vendors, and customers in the dark. Now that it’s possible to follow shared Collections, everyone will know right away when a file has been added or revised.

  • Make it mobile-friendly.
  • Share Collections with anyone, anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Keep track of all the Collections.
  • Follow Collections that have been shared with you and never lose a link.
  • Stay up to date with notifications.
  • When you follow a Collection, you’ll be in the know when anything changes.

Work together to get the job done.

Two heads are better than one… and so are 10 or 20. With Collections, multiple teams can share their assets, making collaboration, reviewing, sharing, and tracking all your work easy.

Add collaborators.

Collections give you the ability to add collaborators to any project.

Keep track of what has been done.

Monitor updates and changes with a full history of your collaborators’ actions.