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Digital assets tend to end up scattered- on shared drives, individual desktops, or in the dusty corners of email inboxes. Without a single, shared source of truth for up-to-date content, it's difficult to build a reliable and organized system to store your brand's digital assets. 

Our Asset Library is a single, easy-to-use solution to collect, organize, manage, and distribute all your brand assets. From photos and logos to packaging design files and pdfs of contracts, your files are supported. All quick to find, use, link, and share.

The benefits? Simplified workflows and the brand consistency you’ve craved.


Find What You're Looking For, Fast

Get ready to transform your workflow. No more searching through multiple locations and file-share sites. Simply do a quick search by name, description, date, tag, or other metadata to find the exact, brand-approved file when you need it.

  • Advanced, customizable metadata provides rich data, descriptions, AI tagging, version control, and more.
  • User-friendly, intuitive folder structure keeps files organized.
  • Custom thumbnails help you quickly identify the right file at first glance.

Features like upload links, share links, bulk actions, and self-serve capabilities for sales, partners, media, and other external users let you free up marketing time for other valuable tasks.

  • Bulk uploads, downloads, and updates save clicks.
  •  Customizable user permissions can be granted at the individual or group level.
  • Upload links allow external users to load files directly into a specific folder in your library.
  • Share links ensure files are automatically updated when needed wherever the link has been used. 

Create Collections

Collections allow users to make curated bundles of assets that are only visible to them unless Collaborators are added. 

You might use a Collection to assemble all the assets for  a product launch, an event, or even to provide easy access to all the assets related to your brand guidelines.

  • Any file type in your Library may be added to a Collection – EPS, AI, JPG, OTF, MPF, TIFF PDF, and more.
  • Create customized sections within a collection to clearly organize included assets
  • Customize your Collections with branded header images, descriptions, and section titles.
  • Provide internal teams and external partners direct access to any Collection to view, edit, download, and use your assets according to designated user permissions

Become A Preferred Partner

Retailers love partners that provide quick access to branded assets to make their jobs (and yours!) easier. We’ve got you covered with a host of self-serve options.

  • Quick links, embed codes, and easy share options via email or social media allow you to share individual assets, specific folders, or curated asset Collections with just a few clicks.
  • Users can download assets directly from the Library, adjusting size and format on the fly to fit the intended use.
  • Auto-generated metadata links provide quick access to associated products and related file locations. 

Protect Your Brand

Create fully designed marketing templates to boost productivity, ensure brand consistency, and save your design team time and energy. Design flyers, social posts, banner ads, and more to make it easy for your partners to promote your products. 

  • Lock the content you don’t want to be changed while allowing your partners to edit logos, store addresses, or other info to make the content properly reflect their store or site.
  • Want more creative freedom? Image Relay's integrations allow your Asset Library to connect with your marketing tech stack to be able to pull assets directly into your design and content tools. 

Connect Your Digital Assets to Your Product Info

Build a Powerful Marketing Content Engine

Connect your digital assets to your product information to harness the full power of the Marketing Delivery platform and amplify your revenue. Marketing Delivery directly links any digital assets to your product data to easily share complete product details with your distribution partners. You’ll save time, improve brand accuracy and consistency, develop better relationships with your partners, and amplify your revenue. 

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Your Brand Secrets Are Safe With Us

Your digital assets are the heart and soul of your company. It’s important to keep them secure. Image Relay is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, guaranteeing your brand secrets are always safe. 

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"Image Relay has been so helpful in how we show up as a brand... I highly recommend Image Relay."

Allyson Bartlett Director of Brand & Marketing, 1% For The Planet

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Sarah Badger Global Content & Community Manager, Ben & Jerry's

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Roberta MacDonald SVP Brand Strategy, Cabot Creamery

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Lance Pitcher Creative Marketing Manager, Darn Tough

"Using Image Relay takes the weight off my shoulders... It's quick and painless."

Lynsey Lehr Lead Graphic Designer, Dietz & Watson

“I love Image Relay because it is so simple to adapt or adopt,” Caleb says. “There aren't all the extra clicks that [make other platforms] difficult to navigate.” 

Caleb Brown Creative Director, Kinder's

"When you’re a small business, you need to find the levers that are able to move the most weight, and Image Relay is one of the most powerful levers we have.”

Rob Hausslein Founder, Sugar Bob's Finest Kind

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