DAM and PIM for Apparel Brands in One Platform: That's Marketing Delivery

DAM and PIM for Apparel Brands

For apparel companies, staying current is everything. From product drops to seasonal trends and evolving customer values, maintaining a fast-paced flow of new product assets is at the heart of your business. Marketing Delivery is an all-in-one platform that makes PIM and DAM for apparel brands streamlined and more efficient.

What is Marketing Delivery?

•    A single platform that keeps all of your DAM and PIM in one place
•    An intuitive user interface that improves efficiency
•    Product pages to manage all assets, metadata, and information
•    Multiple ways of sharing your assets and merchandise

Easy to Use DAM and PIM for Apparel Marketing

Our intuitive platform is easy for anyone to use. And keeping all of your PIM and DAM for apparel together means everyone is always working from the same source, which improves communication, minimizes errors, and helps you reach your audience faster.

Faster Delivery

When you use Image Relay for apparel product information management, you'll be able to seamlessly connect your products with retail channels for faster delivery. You can customize product attributes, pull images and supporting assets directly from the Asset Library, and easily indicate product variations.

Simplified Sharing

Create and send customized Collections to clients and partners. Use our design tools to add header images, descriptions, and sections, or take advantage of integrations with Canva, InDesign, and more to make sure your apparel products always look their best.

Efficiency Is Always in Style

Fashion is a seasonal industry, so apparel brands constantly need to update their marketing assets to keep up. Effective digital asset management for apparel brands is key to making sure that you always have the visuals to sell the latest looks. In an era when omnichannel marketing is more important than ever, product information management for apparel brands needs to be able to keep up, so you can provide accurate information about all of this season's products to your retail partners. When you combine DAM and PIM for apparel companies you get Marketing Delivery from Image Relay. You can say goodbye to switching between platforms and fumbling with spreadsheets, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Experience the Power of Marketing Delivery

Marketing Delivery is designed to make product information and digital asset management for apparel brands simple, streamlined, and secure. Check out our plans today, or schedule a demo to see it in action.

We're a leader in our field for a reason

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Experience The Power of Marketing Delivery!

Marketing Delivery is purpose-built to streamline workflow and assure brand consistency from a secure, all-in-one platform. Explore PIM and DAM system plans or schedule a demo to see it for yourself.