DAM & PIM for Manufacturing

The Unique Needs of Manufacturing

For manufacturers, few things matter more than staying organized. You're managing hundreds or even thousands of products and often need custom fields for each SKU, from copyright to product ID to weight, color, and more. All of this data makes marketing for manufacturing a challenge, but Marketing Delivery by Image Relay can help you pull it all together.

Combine DAM and PIM into a Single Platform with Marketing Delivery

•    Assets in the Library can be linked to corresponding products creating easy-to-create pathways between the Library and Product Hub 
•    Custom product channels are simple to create and increase efficiency
•    Products and Assets live together in one intuitive platform
•    Consistency will improve throughout your entire network as you establish a single source of truth for your brand

Powerful Search

Our search tools let you search by file size, upload date, dominant image color, creator, or just about any other attribute you can think of. You'll save time and have peace of mind, knowing that every asset is accounted for and at your fingertips.

Easy to Use

Image Relay's PIM and DAM platform is purpose-built for anyone in manufacturing to use. At a large organization, hundreds of people may be accessing a single account daily, but Marketing Delivery minimizes confusion by allowing all users to access the assets and product information they need all from one location. Specific access levels can be customized through platform permissions. 

One Unified Platform

Managing your product information and digital assets from one simple platform smooths out workflows and eliminates chaos. If you're still bouncing back and forth between cloud storage, external drives, and Dropbox while handling marketing for your manufacturing company, it's time for an upgrade. Marketing Delivery stops the constant scramble to find and share accurate product information and digital media.

Easy to Use

Our unique platform combines PIM and DAM, for manufacturing, this can be especially helpful, as efficiency is as efficacy of the marketing materials geared toward B2B engagement.

Marketing Delivery brings together DAM and PIM for manufacturing, giving you a single source of truth where all your product details and digital assets are up to date and easy to find and share. Our platform is purpose-built to streamline workflow and ensure brand consistency. Explore our plans and schedule a demo to see it for yourself!

We're a leader in our field for a reason

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Experience The Power of Marketing Delivery!

Marketing Delivery is purpose-built to streamline workflow and assure brand consistency from a secure, all-in-one platform. Explore PIM and DAM system plans or schedule a demo to see it for yourself.