DAM and PIM for Retail Brands in One Platform

Marketing For Retail Brands

Marketing a retail brand can be a huge undertaking with a lot of moving parts. You've got dozens or even hundreds of SKUs to keep track of, including product data, images, and other marketing materials for each, not to mention the files that help you maintain consistent branding for your company. It's easy to get stuck wasting time digging through different platforms for product specs or jumping from one place to the next looking for the right photo or video. That's why both digital asset management and product information management are essential to any retail business. With Marketing Delivery by Image Relay, you'll have both DAM and PIM in one platform, keeping everything you need at your fingertips.

Why Combine DAM and PIM for Retail Companies

Marketers work with both product data and digital assets, two types of information that often don't work well alone. What good is a photo of a product without basic details about what it is? And what does it matter if your product is available in a new, larger size at the same price if you don't have brand logos and other visuals to help you promote that fact? Product data and digital assets work together, so why shouldn’t your DAM and PIM? That's why Image Relay combined DAM and PIM for retail companies into one platform: Marketing Delivery.

A Single Source of Truth

When you use Marketing Delivery for DAM for retail brands, you won't need to worry about someone on your team accidentally using outdated assets. You'll have everything in one organized place, and anyone you allow will be able to access the Asset Library from anywhere. You'll also be able to ensure that your product descriptions are accurate and consistent, thanks to our PIM features. Marketing mistakes can be costly and hurt your brand's image; Marketing Delivery can help you avoid them.

Work Efficiently with Marketing Delivery

Stop wasting time trying to find what you need to market your products. With Marketing Delivery, you'll have the best of both DAM and PIM for retail companies in one platform. Contact us or schedule a demo today to see how our powerful platform can make your workflow more efficient.

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