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In this case less really is more. Digital assets and product information belong together. Why store them separately?

Meet Marketing Delivery. A unified DAM + PIM platform for all of your valuable digital assets and product information. Eliminate inefficiency, inaccuracy, and organizational chaos. 


The Highlights

  • Consistently organized content. Stop relying on spreadsheets for your product information. 
  • Efficient and reliable omni-channel distribution. 
  • Secure products & branding. Image Relay is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. 
  • Automate manual tasks like adding tags to uploads and exporting products to retailers.

Consistently Organized Content

Easy to organize, quick to search, and simple to share. Keep your assets not only organized for internal teams but for external stakeholders. Customizable permission levels makes sharing relevant assets easy and worry-free. 

Efficient Omni-Channel Distribution

Deadlines become increasingly more challenging to meet when your detailed product information and carefully crafted assets are on the fritz. Centralize product information and digital assets for all of your channels, catalogs, and websites. Keep key content always accessible.   


Secure Products and Branding

Enhance product accuracy with rich product data, descriptions, and attributes—while building compelling brand stories. Not only is your accuracy and consistency enhanced but thanks to Image Relay being SOC 2 Type 2 you can count on your brand secrets always being safe with us.

Automated Manual Experience

Apart from saving time searching and sharing, make tasks like uploading and exporting a breeze. Features like header mapping and custom channel templates make managing your products delivery to retailers a breeze.

Explore Our Brand & Features


Explore Product Hub. One place for all of your product information and assets.


Explore The Library. A homebase for all of your assets with folder-based design.


Explore Brand Sharing Tools. Easily share assets via a link, email, or social.


Explore Marketing Templates. Customize and distribute your content. Fast.


Our mission at Image Relay? Better Marketing Delivery. A Better World.

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Marketing Delivery is purpose-built to streamline workflow and assure brand consistency from one united, secure platform. Explore plans or schedule a demo to see it for yourself.