The Benefits of Combining DAM and PIM into One Platform

About DAM and PIM

In an increasingly complex digital landscape, it’s important that brands position themselves as efficient and effective. The first step in bringing those vital attributes to the forefront is to make sure that the marketing of your business is as efficient and effective as possible. Marketing Delivery streamlines the progression of marketing materials, making branding, advertising, and marketing more efficient and effective than ever before. Through its innovative integration of DAM and PIM systems Marketing Delivery stands out as the best-rated choice for a unified platform. 

E-commerce brands in every industry and of every size are continuously creating and distributing marketing information. To do this effectively, those professionals must share and apply product information and digital assets.  Managing all of that data can be challenging, which is why digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) systems are essential. Using these systems, companies store, organize, and share digital content with stakeholders and collaborators more easily. However, managing this information through two different platforms has historically been cumbersome and inefficient, leading to misinformation and longer lead time before marketing materials is able to get in front of the targeted audience and potential customers. 

Now there is a better way: Marketing Delivery combines DAM and PIM systems into a single source of truth and allows for easier access for all stakeholders and collaborators, leading to a more effective marketing management process. 

Combine DAM and PIM for a More Efficient Marketing Delivery Process

Switching to a new marketing delivery platform may have temporary challenges – but those minor challenges are far outweighed by the many benefits of using one unified Marketing Delivery platform and leveraging the latest in marketing management technology.

The Benefits of Marketing Delivery

A Single Source of Truth and a Consistent Brand Identity

It’s critical that the many moving parts of a marketing campaign work in harmony. Having a single cloud-based source of truth that can be pulled from and added to ensures that each team and collaborator has the right branded assets and the latest product information they need to build and execute any campaign. It also ensures the brand consistency that is needed to connect effectively with the target market.


Better, More Efficient Organization

Effective organization is everything when you have multiple teams and collaborators working together. Combining DAM and PIM into a single well-organized platform simplifies your file organization and creates a single source of truth. The familiar folder-based organization of Marketing Delivery’s Product Hub and Asset Library minimizes the time spent searching through files to find what you’re looking for. 


Easily Shareable Across All Teams and Collaborators

Cloud-based platforms are the best way to share marketing materials across teams and collaborators, but when there are multiple platforms that need to be accessed, the efficacy of that system decreases and the margin of error increases. Marketing Delivery’s easily shareable and accessible platform works to alleviate the frustrations of bouncing back and forth between multiple platforms.


Smoother Hand-Offs and Quicker Turnaround Times

When working with teams, large or small, sharing the correct files is critical. Saving version over version of a living document can cause so much confusion that, ultimately, leads to wasted time. Combining DAM and PIM systems is the first step in streamlining the collection and hand-off of marketing materials from team to team. 


Easily Integrated into A Variety of Design and Marketing Software

Combining DAM and PIM systems into one easily accessible solution is especially helpful when designing marketing materials. By integrating your brand’s digital asset library and product information into the Marketing Deliver platform, the professionals you collaborate with will always have access to exactly the information they need to tell the story you want using approved digital assets and product information. 

Time-Saving Marketing Templates

When materials are ready to move to distribution, the product data can be easily exported with the attributions required by each outlet using custom templates. No more piecing together product data manually.

Marketing Delivery integrates with all of the most popular software for marketers, helping your business avoid potential errors that can be introduced when you're constantly moving between DAM and PIM platforms.

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