Guide to Consistent Branding: Why It's Important and How to Maintain Your Brand Voice

Your Brand Voice is Everything

Having a consistent brand identity is one of the most important aspects of any business. Any marketing team worth its salt needs to know how to maintain brand consistency in order to effectively market the business and its products. But what is brand consistency, and why is brand consistency important?

What Is Brand Consistency

The definition of brand consistency is ensuring that your business is represented the same way in both visuals and messaging across all marketing channels. Branding can encompass logos, color schemes, typography, and your company's tone and messaging.

Why Is Brand Consistency Important?

Consistent branding plays an essential role in building trust and recognition with customers. When customers are regularly exposed to consistent branding, it increases the likelihood that they'll identify and remember your brand. If a brand is inconsistent with its visuals or messaging, customers may become confused as to what your company is or what it has to offer. They may even start to distrust you.
But being aware of the importance of brand consistency is only part of the equation. The more difficult part is maintaining consistent brand messaging across channels and campaigns, which has become increasingly difficult in an ever-more-complex marketing landscape. That's why so many businesses have turned to digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) platforms to help them keep a consistent brand voice that resonates with consumers.

How to Create Brand Consistency with DAM and PIM

DAM and PIM platforms are excellent tools for helping companies achieve brand consistency through the centralization and management of digital assets and product information.

DAM platforms can be used to create a single source of truth for all types of digital assets, a must for maintaining visual brand consistency. A well-organized DAM platform can ensure that consistent and up-to-date logos, graphics, and videos are used across all marketing channels.

PIM platforms are used to manage all of your product information, such as product descriptions, specifications, and other key details. Using a PIM platform ensures that your company's product information and messaging remain consistent. PIM platforms also allow users to create and update product data so that only accurate information is disseminated.

By using DAM and PIM platforms, companies can streamline the processes behind maintaining a consistent brand identity, whether it's making sure the correct logo is used every time or providing your customers with accurate information in your brand voice, across all platforms and channels.

Create Consistent Branding with Marketing Delivery

DAM and PIM platforms are useful to help you maintain consistent branding, but they aren't without their limitations. When your business uses standalone DAM and PIM platforms, you'll need to pay for two pieces of software. Then, your staff will need to be trained on both. They'll then spend a lot of time every day switching back and forth between these two platforms to access everything they need.

But there's a better way. Marketing Delivery by Image Relay is a comprehensive platform that combines DAM and PIM to create the ultimate tool for consistent branding. All of your digital assets and product information will be located within the same system for fast and easy access. Book a demo now to learn about all of Marketing Delivery's features, such as the Asset Library, Products Hub, Catalogs, marketing templates, and more.

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