The Best Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management Platform

Cloud-Based DAM Platforms

It wasn't long ago that accessing digital assets such as images, videos, and audio files required you to be plugged into a local area network. Combined with the inconvenient sharing process of downloading, emailing, and uploading, digital asset management (DAM) was inefficient. However, with advances in cloud technology, that's no longer the case. Managing, organizing, and distributing your digital assets has never been simpler, especially with Image Relay's Marketing Delivery platform.

Our cloud-based Marketing Delivery platform is so much more than digital asset management platform, making it easy to collaborate and share your media assets with anyone who needs them. You can optimize your information-sharing so that collaborators only have access to what they need. Plus, when you use Marketing Delivery for cloud digital asset management, both USA-based team members and international collaborators can share files securely through our SOC 2-certified platform.

What Is Cloud-Based DAM?

Cloud-based DAM is the process of storing, organizing, and sharing a company's digital assets through an online platform. Digital asset management in the cloud differs from older DAM systems in that it's hosted on remote servers. This means that you'll be able to access your files from anywhere with an Internet connection, making it easier to find and share the assets you need at a moment's notice.

The Benefits of Marketing Delivery

  • Accessibility
    A cloud-based media asset management platform is easy to use from anywhere, whether your team is working together at an office or spread out all over the world.

  • Scalability
    When you use our Asset Library, your cloud media asset management platform can expand alongside your business without buying or maintaining expensive hardware.

  • Efficiency
    A well-organized, folder-based cloud media asset management platform makes it easy for anyone to immediately access the digital asset they require, so no time is wasted.

  • Security
    We understand that digital assets and product information are at the core of your business and marketing efforts, and keeping this valuable data safe is crucial. We're SOC 2-certified, so when you use our cloud-based media asset management platform, you can rest assured that your brand secrets will be safe.

What Makes Image Relay's Marketing Delivery Different from Other Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management Platforms?

Marketing Delivery from Image Relay combines DAM with product information management (PIM) to create a unique all-in-one platform. By merging these two types of systems, Marketing Delivery can help your company streamline its marketing efforts, saving you both time and money.
Marketing Delivery allows users to:

  • Intuitively organize digital assets for quick access
  • Easily share important marketing information with all team members and stakeholders
  • Maintain branding consistency across all channels and retailers
  • Have confidence in the accuracy of all marketing materials and product information
  • Customize templates for product information to match specific retailer requirements

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