Media Asset Management Software: Manage Media Assets Efficiently with Marketing Delivery

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Let go of cluttered and cumbersome media asset management systems and start managing media assets more efficiently by leveraging Marketing Delivery, the innovative all-in-one PIM and DAM platform by Image Relay.

What Is Media Asset Management?

Media asset management (MAM) is a process that helps businesses store, organize, and share media files. This can include lengthy videos, large images, and a vast assortment of other marketing materials. By using digital media asset management software, your company can improve team collaboration, quickly access assets, and save valuable time and money.

What Makes Marketing Delivery Different from Other Media Asset Management Solutions?

Marketing Delivery is more than just a MAM platform. Most MAM software would require you to also implement digital asset management (DAM) and/or product information management (PIM) software to meet all of your needs. This approach requires your team to learn multiple platforms and continually switch between them.

But not with Marketing Delivery.

Image Relay's comprehensive platform has built-in tools for MAM, DAM, and PIM to provide a faster, easier, and more streamlined process for media asset management.

Marketing Delivery Makes It Easier to Manage Media Assets

Image Relay has taken the best of media asset management software and combined it with DAM and PIM to create Marketing Delivery. This all-in-one platform has been specifically designed to provide teams with all of the digital asset, product information, and media asset management solutions they need. Whether you're looking to streamline your workflow, improve organization, or make it easier to share assets with collaborators and stakeholders, Marketing Delivery has the features and tools to make it happen.

With Marketing Delivery, you'll have access to the best media asset management software and so much more. Our asset management features include:
•    Asset Library: Marketing Delivery's Asset Library is the home for all of your digital assets and lets you store, organize, and share them with ease.
•    Products Hub: With its intuitive interface and wealth of custom options, the Products Hub makes it simple to access and manage your product information.
•    Custom Catalogs and Collections: Create catalogs and product pages for all of your offerings and share only what you want.
•    Integrations: Access your Asset Library from a variety of external platforms, like Adobe Illustrator and Canva, for a streamlined workflow.
•    Marketing Templates: Use our customizable templates to create posters, pamphlets, social posts, and more.

All of the features of Marketing Delivery come together to create a single source of truth for your digital assets. When your teams are all using the same platform, you can rest assured that your materials are always accurate and on brand.

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