Use DAM and PIM for Shopify with Marketing Delivery

The Value of Shopify

Shopify is the backbone of your online store, but it needs support too. That's where Marketing Delivery from Image Relay comes in. Image Relay's all-in-one platform combines digital asset management (DAM) and product information management systems (PIM) to get the best of both without any drawbacks. With Marketing Delivery working to support your Shopify store, you can more efficiently grow your business, launch new products and more.

Provide Better Product Information

Marketing Delivery's Products HUB makes it simple to use PIM for Shopify. Manage your product information in an intuitive and user-friendly setup that makes exporting your data to your Shopify Store simple.

Improve the Customer Experience

Want to improve the experience for your customers on Shopify? Digital asset management software features in Marketing Delivery can help! Our Asset Library and custom Marketing Templates make it simple to show your shoppers precisely what they're looking for in your Shopify store.

Increase Productivity

The combined features of PIM and DAM for Shopify allow you to optimize your workflow processes, encourage collaborations, and share vital assets and information with whoever needs them.

Grow Your Sales

Increase your sales with Marketing Delivery features like Collections. With Collections, you can create curated Catalogs to share exactly and only what you want. These Catalogs make browsing and purchasing your offerings easy for your Shopify customers.

Experience Marketing Delivery for Shopify Today

If you use Shopify, digital asset management software and product information management software is essential for growing your business. But instead of buying two different systems, get PIM and DAM for Shopify at one low cost with the Marketing Delivery platform! Book a demo to discover how to use Image Relay's Marketing Delivery to enhance your Shopify experience.

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Marketing Delivery is purpose-built to streamline workflow and assure brand consistency from one united, secure platform. Explore plans or schedule a demo to see it for yourself.