Work Smarter with a Brand Asset Management Platform

What is a Brand Asset Management Platform?

Your company is made up of hardworking employees and stakeholders, but your brand is made up of digital assets. The logos, graphics, photos, videos, and other materials that help to establish and strengthen your brand are vital to your marketing efforts, which is why it's important than your marketing team always be able to access up-to-date versions of these assets quickly and easily. The right brand asset management platform can help you to market your business more efficiently by keeping all of these assets organized, safe, and easy to find when they're needed. When you use Marketing Delivery by Image Relay to manage your brand asset portfolio, you'll get an all-in-one solution that can help your company to put its best foot forward.

How Can Image Relay Improve Your Brand Asset Management?

When you use Marketing Delivery as your brand asset management software, you'll have:

•    A single source of truth that's easy to access from anywhere
•    An Asset Library to keep all of your brand assets organized
•    Direct integration with all of your favorite tools, from Canva to Slack to Zoom
•    A simple way to distribute assets across platforms
•    Secure file storage that's SOC 2 compliant
•    The ability to grant access only to certain assets for specific stakeholders
•    A dedicated librarian to help you set up Marketing Delivery in a way that works best for your team

When everything is in one place and easy to find, update, and share, you won't waste time searching for the right brand asset for your marketing materials, and you won't accidentally use outdated assets and potentially make the business look bad.

Get A Brand Asset Management Platform That Can Help You Do More

When you use Marketing Delivery to manage your brand asset portfolio, you'll get so much more than just digital asset management software. You'll get a comprehensive platform that combines brand asset management with product information management to save you time and help you tell your brand's story more easily. Marketing Delivery goes beyond the capabilities of brand asset management software to allow you to create posters, social media graphics, and more using templates or from scratch. You'll also be able to curate Catalogs of your products that are customized for each of your partners. 
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Easily Deliver Product Information to Retail Partners

Image Relay understands that no matter what line of business you're in, the goal is for your product information to be distributed across many channels so that more customers to find you. Our platform helps increase your discoverability and makes your brand stand out with up-to-date assets and seamlessly integrated product data. Image Relay's one-of-a-kind platform combines DAM and PIM so you can easily share product data feeds with retailers and e-commerce partners for speedy distribution. You’ve worked hard to create one-of-a-kind products. Make sure they’re set up for success with Marketing Delivery. 
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