What Is A Marketing Delivery System?

An Overview of Marketing Delivery

Marketing delivery is a process that involves conveying marketing information to a receiver through a media channel. The process is typically managed using a DAM platform designed to house digital assets related to marketing. Without a strong management system in place, delivery of any marketing materials can become unwieldy, involving switching back and forth between a digital asset management (DAM) platform and a product information management (PIM) platform while making sure that both product details and visual assets get where they need to be. Time is often wasted looking for specific assets, and scattered organizational systems lead to costly errors. An effective marketing delivery system fixes these problems by offering one streamlined solution to handle all types of digital assets and product information.

What Does Image Relay’s Marketing Delivery Platform Do?

Image Relay offers the world’s first truly unified DAM and PIM platform. The unique Marketing Delivery platform allows you to:

  • Have a single source of truth for all marketing documents, including photos, videos, brand graphics, and product information
  • Organize documents in an intuitive platform for quick access wherever and whenever you need them
  • Share marketing information with all of your collaborators and stakeholders from the cloud
  • Create customized Collections to share curated assets internally or externally in a visually appealing package
  • Maintain consistent branding in every marketing communication put out to your audience, no matter the channel
  • Ensure that your retail partners have everything they need to make your products successful and maintain consistency across channels
  • Store all of your marketing content and assets in one secure place (Image Relay’s Marketing Delivery platform is Soc 2 Type 2 certified)
  • Customize product information templates to match retailer requirements

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