All-in-One PIM and DAM for Health and Beauty Brands

Marketing For Health and Beauty Brands

Whether your customers shop in person or online, your marketing will inevitably involve lots of digital information. Effective marketing of health and beauty products requires accurate product information, plenty of photos and videos, and consistent branding, all of which has to be accessible by different members of your team. But how do you keep it all together and organized? The answer is Marketing Delivery by Image Relay which combines digital asset management and product information management in one easy-to-use platform so you can deliver faster.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management in the Health & Beauty Industry

With effective DAM, your health and beauty company can cut down on wasted time searching for digital assets and better connect products with customers.

  • Keep branding consistent across retail partners by maintaining a single source of truth.
  • Access the photos, videos, and graphics you need quickly and easily from anywhere.
  • Reduce costs by being able to find and repurpose older assets.
  • Collaborate with team members anywhere in the world from one secure platform.
  • Integrate your DAM for health and beauty with your other favorite tools, like Canva, Hootsuite, Slack, and YouTube.

Benefits of Product Information Management for Health and Beauty Brands

PIM for health and beauty companies can help you to avoid embarrassing or costly errors as well as collaborate with retail partners more efficiently.

  • Organize your product data, SKUs, and other documentation for easy access.
  • Create curated catalogs to share with different sales channels.
  • Make sure that up-to-date product information is easy to access for anyone who needs it.

Work Efficiently with Marketing Delivery

When you combine DAM and PIM for your health and beauty brand, your workflow can be more efficient. With Marketing Delivery, there's no digging through spreadsheets or clicking around looking for the right files. There's no wasted time switching back and forth between two different platforms for your visual assets and product data. Combining digital asset management with product information management in one platform enables you to promote your products and share directly with channel partners, end users and retailers for speedy, customized distribution.
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