How Image Relay Stops the Chaos in Digital Asset & Product Information Management

How to Stop the Chaos

With an increased need for a digital presence across a variety of different platforms, it's more important than ever that companies have a collection of assets at their fingertips to create a cohesive brand image. Up-to-date assets are imperative for maintaining cohesion both in the digital sphere and in the office. However, as businesses grow, so does the need for more assets as well as detailed product information to go with them, and with this ever-growing collection, it can be easy for important things to get lost in the shuffle. When you lose assets and product information, you ultimately lose out on opportunities for growth. 
Don't waste time on menial tasks like searching for assets. There's a way to keep everything organized, give only certain users permission to make necessary changes, and keep your product information up to date to easily send to retailers or team members: Marketing Delivery by Image Relay. Marketing Delivery is designed to cut through the clutter by providing one unified platform that makes both digital asset management and product information management simple, consistent, and efficient.

United Platform

Managing digital assets and product information using cloud storage, backups, and spreadsheets creates chaos that wastes time and lowers productivity. However, when you use Image Relay’s integrated DAM & PIM platform Marketing Delivery, you don't have to worry about losing track of assets, being unable to associate product information with its corresponding visual, or who has access to what information. Image Relay's platform has an array of valuable features that will end the constant scramble to track down assets and make sure that you can always share the most accurate product information across platforms.

Organizational Features

Organization is a key part of any business and Image Relay takes organization seriously. We can help you stay organized with features like:

•    Metadata: This includes customizable information fields so you can provide key details about every asset.
•    Tags: These can be created either manually or through the use of AI to keep assets that share key details together.
•    Collections: This Marketing Delivery feature allows users to create asset collections and share them in a visually pleasing way.

Custom Permission Tiers

The more your business grows, the more likely you are to need to grant access to your assets to different internal and external users and collaborators. At a smaller business that's just starting out, it's likely that everybody is dipping into the same spaces to get what they need. This means that multiple people throughout different departments might have the ability to upload, download, view, and make edits to different assets. When too many people have access, it becomes harder to keep track of where different assets are because they can be moved or edited without permission. This can add to disorganization and stress within the company.

Different teams have different needs for different assets. The marketing team will use assets differently than other internal departments, so their permissions should be different. And certain teams might only really need to use assets that relate to one market segment or product line. Marketing Delivery allows admin users to create customized, tiered levels of access. When new users are added, they can be granted the appropriate permissions so they will only have access to what they need within the platform.

Consistent Product Info

When you're building your brand, consistency is key. Your product information should always be consistent and correct, as well as connected to corresponding product images. This can be difficult to achieve when all your information is scattered throughout different drives and folders that different departments have access to, especially when they can easily duplicate this information and make changes without updating the original document. There's too much room for error when you keep your product information in a smattering of spreadsheets, but with Marketing Delivery's Product Hub, you'll always have a single source of truth for all of this data.

The Product Hub is designed to keep your product information in one organized place that's both easy to navigate and reliable. You can customize the attribute headers so your displayed information is always fully updated and relevant to the product at hand. You'll be able to share your product information with retailers all over the world, and the only changes you'll need to make are to the headers based on retailer requirements. Plus, once you've created your product information file on Image Relay's platform, it will stay available for easy downloading forever.

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