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"Image Relay is all of my asset organization dreams come true. I’m so impressed!"

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Alice Whitley
Global Brand Strategy

"You guys might as well be wearing capes, because you're heroes around here."

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Sarah Badger
Global Content and Community Manager

There's A Lot In It For You.

Intuitive and Easy To Use

Incredibly Intuitive and Easy To Use

Designed to launch in a snap and deploy quickly across your teams. We focus on ease of use because if it’s not easy to use, why bother?


Security, Security, Security

We get it. There’s nothing more important than keeping your assets secure. And the first step towards a secure environment is consolidating your access points and implementing stringent permission levels. We deliver a secure environment to manage users, track asset usage, audit activities, embargo sensitive files, and control misuse of intellectual property.

Customer Support Gaurentee

Customer Support is a Team Activity

Every single member of our team responds to support requests. And respond we do! In fact, our clients tell us that our responsiveness is one of our best features. By activating our entire team, we not only build great relationships with our clients but it means every one of us has a comprehensive understanding of each client’s needs. And that helps inform the process as we build better product and strive to be even more responsive.

Best Price Around for Digital Asset Management

A Great Value at Every Stage of Your Business

Image Relay is the most comprehensive, scalable, and affordable DAM system you can find. We keep our focus on the essentials and pass the savings along to our clients. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited, far from it. Our services are designed to scale as you grow.

What the heck is a Certified B Corporation?

How BCorps Build Communities and Business

Share and Share Alike.


Save time and money with Image Relay while providing one central platform for your teams so they can easily access, manage, and distribute your brand’s most valuable assets.

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We work closely with our enterprise clients to deliver the capabilities and service that’s essential for the stringent security and audit requirements of large corporations.

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We believe the launch process should be as easy as possible so you’re up and running with the least disruption to your team. We know you’re busy and you need your DAM system to work quickly and efficiently.

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Formats, codecs, and color profiles evolve constantly. Creators, personnel, and methodologies are on the go, too. Discover how Image Relay helps you stay on top of it all.

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