10 Questions To Consider When Researching a DAM

Lynn Herman
Written by: Lynn Herman
Posted on: April 2024
10 Questions To Consider When Researching a DAM

It can feel overwhelming when doing research like this, especially if you’re in charge of doing this on behalf of your company. That’s why I wanted to share with you a few questions you can ask yourself and your team members. These questions can serve as a starting point for assessing your organization's requirements and objectives in transitioning from Dropbox or something similar to a Digital Asset Management system. 

1. What are the specific pain points or limitations you're experiencing with Dropbox that necessitate exploring a DAM solution?

Storage limitations, privacy, and bandwidth are just a few reasons why research a digital asset management solution.

2. What types of digital assets does your organization primarily work with? And what volume of assets are you managing?

Images, videos, and documents are among the most common, but it can be the size of those assets that make it difficult to manage in a tool like Dropbox. 

3. How are your current assets organized within Dropbox, and what challenges do you face when trying to locate and utilize them?

Do you have a folder structure in place or are you starting from scratch? Are permissions important to your business? 

4. What are the key functionalities or features you're looking for in a DAM system that Dropbox doesn't offer?

Does your company sell products? Are you using a separate system or spreadsheets to manage this? 

5. What are your team's workflows and collaboration needs concerning digital assets, and how do you envision these evolving with a DAM solution?

Do you work with brand ambassadors or photographers who are are in need of uploading content? Are you constantly adjusting spreadsheets to ensure your assets are formatted the way your retailers need them?

6. How important is version control and asset tracking for your organization, and how do you currently manage these aspects within Dropbox?

Are you struggling with multiple versions of the same asset and struggling to understand what is the most updated version?

7. What level of security and access control requirements do you have for your digital assets, and how does Dropbox measure up to these needs?

Who needs access? Are you looking for multiple roles like admins and basic users?

8. Are there any other tools or platforms that need to integrate with your asset management workflow, and how could a DAM system facilitate these integrations?

Do you use tools like project management software or creative applications?

9. What is your budget for implementing and maintaining a DAM solution, and how does this align with the potential costs and pricing models of various DAM providers?

Who are the stakeholders that need to be involved in a decision like this? Could a DAM replace what you are currently using?

10. What are the timelines and resources available for the transition process?

When would you like the DAM to be fully functioning? Will there need to be a data migration, user training, and ongoing support?

Lynn Herman
Written by: Lynn Herman
Posted on: April 2024