Digital Asset Management Software Guide

Digital Image Asset Management

Image asset management software is a tool that can help your marketing team manage your digital assets, like photographs, social media graphics, audio files, and videos. This software is essential for keeping everything related to your brand in one place that your team can access when necessary.

Who Needs Image Asset Management Software?

Most businesses and organizations can benefit from digital asset management programs to help them build a strong brand. This is especially true for organizations that are:

•    Rapidly expanding their media libraries
•    Creating and processing a large number of digital media assets in a short time
•    Trying to re-use existing assets
•    Using remote workers who all need access to the same assets
•    Looking for a way to keep assets organized for better efficiency

No matter what you need digital image asset management software for, your business could benefit from having it to help your marketing department create better content and distribute it across multiple platforms.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Image Asset Management Software?

•    Easy to search
•    Cloud-based, so users can access, share, and review the assets no matter where they are
•    Streamlined asset delivery and approval
•    Integrates with your favorite file creation and distribution platforms
•    A secure place for all your brand assets
•    Easy to keep up to date for improved brand consistency and accuracy

A Media Asset Management Platform with marketing Delivery Can Do More for Your Brand

At Image Relay, we've created the ultimate media asset management platform, which we call Marketing Delivery. Marketing Delivery goes beyond digital asset management, including powerful product information management capabilities to help you keep all of your marketing data up-to-date and in one easy-to-access place. You'll be able to work more efficiently and make sure that all of your branded materials are accurate at all times. You can even take advantage of features like the ability to curate Catalogs of updated product information that's automatically formatted for each retail partner's needs, making your life and theirs easier. Contact us today to learn more about what Marketing Delivery can do for your business.

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