Deliver Amazing Brand Experiences at Every Touchpoint with Image Relay PIM

Creating great brand experiences is hard when you’re trying to manage your brand in spreadsheets. Everything is manual and errors happen all the time.

Image Relay’s Product Information Management (PIM) gives you one easy platform to manage all of your brand’s product content and information and deliver it quickly and accurately everywhere your customers buy. Leave the spreadsheets behind and start crafting exceptional experiences.

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Keep All of Your Product Content and Information Organized in One Central Hub

Product content and information living in different systems means loads of manual work and lots of potential mistakes. That slows your team down and your customers may not always see your brand at its best.

Image Relay PIM combines the highest-rated digital asset management platform with an easy way to manage all of your product information. Put your team in the driver’s seat to effectively manage your content and information.


Ensure Correct Content and Information for Every Channel

Amazon has specific requirements. So does Shopify . . . and Google . . . and Walmart. All of your retailers want something a little different. Your team probably has dozens of custom spreadsheet templates to try and keep it all correct.

Image Relay PIM automatically structures your content and information for your most important channels. Your team can stop wrangling files and spreadsheets and can focus on the work they do best.


Enable Omnichannel Delivery for Our Omnichannel World

Manually distributing product content and information to each channel means you’re moving slow. When you’re slow, your competition can take what should be yours.

With Image Relay PIM, getting the right product content and information to your most important channels is just a click away. When you deliver fast, you’re always out front when your customers want to buy.


Streamline Workflows with Comprehensive Bulk Actions

Your team may be used to tedious, manual updates, but that doesn’t mean they have to keep doing it. It’s the 21st Century. We can do better than that.

Image Relay PIM lets your team move fast with bulk actions to manage your entire content and product information library. Add new versions and make product information updates once and have them reflected everywhere.

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