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Introducing the New Image Relay Desktop Uploader

Our new Desktop Uploader makes it easier to get the files and folders your team needs into your Image Relay library. The dedicated uploader app, available for both Windows and macOS machines, is the fastest way to process large uploads. Whether you are uploading a single video file or looking to recreate a complete folder structure, the new Desktop Uploader has you covered.

(Note: The new Desktop Uploader does not replace the built-in web uploader. It gives you an extra tool for fast processing of those larger jobs.)


Key Features:

• Fast uploads

• No interruptions

• Any file type

• Drag and drop files or folders

• Upload entire folder structures

• Add metadata to groups of files


Here’s how to get the new Image Relay Desktop Uploader:

Image Relay desktop uploader for PC
Image Relay desktop uploader download