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Customer Story: Why Cabot Creamery Has Stuck with Image Relay’s Asset Management for More Than 15 Years


Meet Cabot Creamery

Cabot Creamery is a Vermont-based, farmer-owned dairy cooperative. In 1919, armed with the knowledge that they were stronger together, 94 Vermont farming families joined forces to form Cabot. Over 100 years later and the creamery is thriving. These days the cooperative consists of over 600 families from around New England and New York, employs more than 1,000 people and is a leader among certified B Corps. Maybe most importantly, they produce some of the world’s very best cheeses. Despite their success, they continue to aim for the same goal, “to provide for their families, give back to their communities, and produce the best cheese in the world”.

How Does Cabot Rely On Image Relay for Digital Asset Management? 

More than 100 years of history, 1000+ employees, and hundreds of products mean Cabot Creamery has an endless flow of new digital content… that has accumulated to more than 140,000 assets in their Library today.  Cabot’s marketing and creative teams rely on Image Relay as a secure and intuitive organizational system and a way to deliver visual content across their website in an easy-to-edit format. Through 15 years of partnership, Cabot has put Image Relay to the test not just by utilizing the platform for the day-to-day but also for special projects like a company-wide rebrand in 2019. Image Relay was there to support them from start to finish with a receptive and motivated customer support team. 

“Image Relay makes sharing our digital assets among our team, partners, and vendors and posting to social media quick, safe, and easy. The price is great, the service superior, and the programming responsive and… we simply could not enhance, nor build our farmers’ brand without the team and the tools from Image Relay” – Roberta MacDonald, Former SVP of Brand Strategy

Organizing Cabot’s Digital Library

With a large company comes a never-ending stream of new digital content; advertising, communications, messages, product photos, logos, the list truly goes on forever. Keeping all of that tidy, accessible to the right people, and secure is important. Image Relay aims to be a single source of truth where anyone can confidently pull accurate and up-to-date content every time; keeping those metaphorical stacks of files in tidy drawers. 

Cabot is one of those companies working hard to keep the flow of fresh content organized and shared with the right people. Roberta MacDonald, Former SVP of Brand Strategy at Cabot, described the Image Relay organization system as an “acrylic file cabinet…you can think of something and it will come to the surface”. Image Relay’s organizational tools like tags, collections, and metadata make saving, and searching, for specific assets quick and easy. 

Besides the ease of use Roberta used that analogy for another reason, “we’re an industry in transition… we’re talking about 6 decades of difference in experience with leadership who are 50+ and don’t understand the gift of these tools”. Image Relay’s user interface is designed to be intuitive for a reason. A better user experience means more efficient and effective work time… and no late-night emails from colleagues desperately searching for assets.  

“I really don’t think of Image Relay as a tool because it’s so ingrained in my everyday… Image Relay is a comprehensive archive of everything we’ve ever done. With the number of SKUs we have, it would be impossible to manage the imagery without Image Relay – it organizes everything.” – Rachael Keyes, Content & Communications Manager

Ensuring Asset Consistency 

Everybody knows that consistency is key. When it comes to marketing content, product information, and the likes this is even truer. Cabot identified that making manual updates to images on their website was an area that was taking up a disproportionate amount of time, was leaving room for error, and needed to be streamlined. Cabot and Image Relay collaborated to connect Cabot’s website to their Image Relay account using Image Relay’s open API. The marketing team can manage assets in Image Relay and push images to the website in bulk. The API connection handles all resizing and reformatting automatically so the images fit exactly right on every page.

That means the marketing team can control the website and make frequent updates without the need for a developer or time spent resizing images. For any business that has regularly changing or updating products, the ability to make these kinds of direct and accurate changes improves content consistency, user experience, and the efficiency of the team behind the scenes. 

Image Relay Champions Customer Relationships  

Image Relay has called Cabot a partner for 15+ years, no small achievement in the ever-evolving world of technology. But that partnership hasn’t lasted on a whim. Image Relay strives to offer the best support possible to ensure customers are getting the most out of every dollar spent. Just as important as the quality of the product is the quality of service. Roberta from Cabot remarked that, “Cabot will never leave [Image Relay]. We’re really committed to the influence we’ve had and the support we know we’re going to get”. 

Continued Success 

Through Image Relay and Cabot’s long-standing partnership, Cabot has found an intuitive organization tool to manage valuable digital assets. Image Relay has allowed for improved consistency and efficiency in distributing assets and at the core of it, all Cabot knows they can always rely on Image Relay to go above and beyond to make sure they are receiving the best service possible.